Wednesday, September 9, 2015

June 8th, Week 6

My First Baptism!

Hey, y'all! It's been a fun week for us missionaries.

We have three new investigators now!! The two kids, Christian and
Dulce, have been progressing very well so they went from Potential
Investigators to Progressing Investigators. It's been really fun
teaching them! We had a lesson with them every day last week except
for Friday. We also have Maria who was one of our other Potentials
because her daughter just recently got baptized by the English
missionaries and she's been progressing very well, too. She definitely
wants to get baptized but she works all the time so it's hard for us
to schedule an official date because of it but we are anticipating the
27th to be the baptismal date as of right now.

My companion and I decided our first week together that we should put
together an activity for the ward to get pumped about missionary work.
So we planned a talent show! It was a lot of work for us to plan it in
three weeks because we never really have time to sit down and talk
about a party but we managed to pull it off and even convinced the
elders to help us decorate and even perform. It was a lot of fun and a
lot more people got up to demonstrate their talents. Muy divertido.

Friday was the craziest day for us because of the party/talent show
and because we had to skip our studies to go to the temple with a
less-active recent convert who was doing baptisms in the temple for
the first time. Our mission president has a rule that we can't go to
the temple unless we are going for the first time with less-actives or
recent converts. Celia happened to be both since she has been a member
for a little over a year now. We call her Tía like "Aunt" because she
told us we are like her family. It was very special getting to go
inside with her. The temple is so beautiful! I love it there. So it
was awesome that I got the opportunity to go.

Yesterday morning we had Antonia's baptism right before church. The
turnout was great for it being such an early time for a baptism.
Everything was awesome. I even got to sing a song while my companion
played the piano. Antonia was really happy and it made me happy to see
her happy with her decision to get baptized. Her family was there and
that was really special for her. Her cousin, who got baptized with his
family last year, gave the talk right before she got baptized and it
was amazing because everyone got emotional. Him and Antonia are the
only members of the church in their families so the fact that she has
that support from him in that sense makes it that much more special.

That's all for this week! I will send pictures in another email. Hope
you all had a really great week. I'm going to try to be better at
responding to emails from now on but we really don't get that much
time to write so we will see what I can do.

I love you all and am super grateful for the constant love and support
I get from you guys. The mission life isn't easy so the support I get
really helps a lot so I truly appreciate it.

Hermana Pecjak

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