Wednesday, September 9, 2015

August 11th, Week 14

Gerardo's Birthday

Hey everybody! This week has been awesome! It was my first week with my new companion Hermana Dickson! She is from Puerto Rico so she talks really fast, haha. But she is awesome. I have already learned a lot from her and she has learned a bit from me I think because she is not accustomed to all these new mission rules. She came from Layton and the Layton zone used to be in the Salt Lake City mission but now it is a part of ours because of the mission split. So, their rules were a little bit different than ours so I had to show her the ropes a bit with that.

Last night, we were invited to do an FHE with the Jaggi family at the mission home. They asked us to invite any recent converts, investigators, and less-actives that we are working with. We invited everyone we could but the only one that to go was Gerardo. And it was his birthday! We heart-attacked his door and he thought that was so funny. And he loved the FHE. I had to translate it for him a little because half of it was in English and he doesn't speak that much English but he loved that he got to spend his birthday with us because he usually doesn't get to spend it with anybody. So, that was really cool. 

This Saturday, we are expecting a visit from Elder M. Russell Ballard of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. He is coming to speak to our mission. I am kind of anxious to see what he is going to say to us. We have been asked to study a few things in preparation for it and one of the things we have been asked to study is Alma chapter 5 in the Book of Mormon. It's a really intense chapter. I call it a slap in the face haha so I am super anxious to see what he will be telling us. 

Something else that was really interesting that happened this week was that I started asking questions before I do personal study. Questions that I wanted specifically answered. And so my first day of trying that out I asked "What scripture can I read that will help benefit someone we know?" I have been reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish and I was in 2 Nefi 9 and that whole chapter is really good. It talks about the Plan of Salvation, the gospel of Jesus Christ. A lot of good things. But I couldn't decide who that would benefit. Later on that day, we had dinner at the Bishop's house. Before we left, he told us that we should teach this one sister in our ward something from 2 Nefi. I automatically thought of the chapter I had studied that morning. And before he could look up the exact chapter he was thinking of, I said "Chapter 9?" and he said "YES! That's the one I was thinking of". So, that was pretty cool to see how the Spirit works in funny ways sometimes. :)

Oh! So our car has had some difficulties this past week, poor thing. We had a flat tire two days in a row. It was pretty sad. We have one of the nicer cars too in the mission. So, on Friday night, my companion and I get a phone call from the English elders that cover Riverdale (the same area we do) and they asked us what we thought of trading cars for a day. We were kind of in shock but I said that it was okay. I always thought their car looked cooler than ours on the outside. So, the next morning we met up with them and traded cars. I didn't like their car. But that is not why I am telling this part of our week. I am sharing this experience of trading cars because as we were driving through an intersection we heard a loud thump on the passenger side of the car. My companion and I didn't know what the sound was. I was scared because it wasn't our car and I thought someone had thrown something at the car. So, I park to the side and have my companion check to see what it was. The silver part of the tire thing fell out! What the heck??? Hahaha so my companion had to grab it really quickly and I didn't know those things could be easily put back on the tire. But I parked somewhere else, somewhere that was still close by. And lo and behold, it was a church parking lot. Classic Utah. We got out of the car and were just laughing. Then, all of a sudden, a bishop from one of the Riverdale wards comes out and helps us. It was just a funny experience. 

So, yeah. That's all I have for this week. Hope you all enjoyed this! 

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