Wednesday, September 9, 2015

July 28th, Week 12

Three Months Down!!

Hello, family and friends! Another week has gone by and I am almost at
my three months mark (tomorrow, the 29th). I love what I've been
learning and the experiences that I've had.

Last week, we had zone conference. It was my first zone conference
ever and I actually enjoyed it. We learned a lot and it was very
spiritual. I got to see our leaders in action and I can tell that we
are going to be led by great people in the future in regards to the
church and the world. So, that as very cool.

We also had our first meeting for the musical fireside. Sister Sarlls,
Elder Mott, Sister Jaggi, and I have been brainstorming and we already
have the dates picked out and a theme. I got to be the one that called
to reserve buildings we would be using so that's been a great learning
experience for me in regards to speaking on the phone in a formal way.
I'm excited to see what will come out of this experience for me. The
best part is that we will invite everybody to come so a lot of
non-members will get to see and hear and it's just going to be really
fun. :)

We also got to walk as a mission in the Pioneer Day parade. Utah takes
Pioneer Day to a whole new level. There were so many stores and
businesses closed that day. It was insane. It was cool getting to walk
in it though. We felt like celebrities. I loved getting to meet other
missionaries as well in our mission since our mission is half the size
than when I came out.

I got to go on exchanges this week with Hermana Gammon. I love her!
She's such a great missionary and person! She always gives good advice
and she also used to be one of the missionaries in charge of the other
musical firesides so she gave me tips on that as well. Her and I were
tracting in this one trailer park and we found two new investigators.
They're both19 and we had a
Spanglish lesson with them because that's how they were talking to us.
They seemed super interested and I liked getting the chance to explain
things to them in a way that I would explain to my friends back athome that don't know the church at all. I felt like I was talking to
another friend. They liked that we are their age yet we are so
committed to the gospel. They can't go to church this Sunday because
they're going on vacation but they said they would be willing to have
us come back for another lesson. So, we hope to see them progress! :)

On Sunday, we had a fireside for all the Spanish missionaries and
their ward's bishopric and councils. So basically all the leaders from
each Spanish ward or branch. Our mission president gave a talk
completely in Spanish. It was so cool!!!!! I love that he's so
dedicated to helping the Spanish program missionaries just as much as
the English program missionaries. He really wants to help us out and
help strengthen our wards. So, hearing him read his talk in Spanish,
when he has never spoken Spanish before in his life, was super
awesome. I'm excited to see what he and Sister Jaggi have planned for
our mission over the next few years. I'm feeling optimistic about all
of it. They're great leaders and now that our mission is a lot smaller
(the farthest area from the mission office is 20 minutes away from the
office) they have plans to have us meet and congregate as a mission
more often. We get to meet with an apostle in a couple weeks. I was
mistakenly informed last time that the apostle was just meeting our
mission but he was here for a fireside for anyone that wanted to come
and so we didn't get to go because we didn't have any investigators
that could go. BUT THIS TIME FOR SURE there's an apostle meeting with
our mission. They won't tell us who it is. We also received
information that our mission plans on getting Facebook soon. So, we
will see what happens with that. It's been about five months since
they took Facebook out temporarily. I assume we will get trainings on
how to use Facebook as missionaries.

I finish my training this week. WOO-HOO!!!!! I'm so excited!!! And I
can start driving now. I am not driving today but my companion wants
me to start tomorrow so yay!!!! Hopefully I'll be okay since it's been
a while since I've driven.

I hope you all had a great week! Love you all!!! :)

-Hermana Pecjak

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