Wednesday, September 9, 2015

July 21st, Week 11

A Day at the Waterpark

Hello, friends and family! ¿Cómo están? This week has been really fun
and once again I learned a lot. I feel like that's all I do every day.
It's like that saying that generally talks about how teachers are the
ones that learn a lot. That's kind of how I feel. I feel like I learn
a lot more from those around than they learn from me.

We didn't really have a lot of super significant events happen this
week but it was still a good week. We walked A LOT. I agave three
blisters on the bottom of my feet because of all the walking. But it's
been worth it. We met up with the mayor of Riverdale in his house
since he invited us and it was really cool. It looks a lot like a
normal house except it has a flagpole on the lawn and it just looks
like a mayor's house, you know? Anyway, they were really nice and he
told us some people he knew about and one of them moved
out of the area and the other was Antonia!!! Crazy. We told him we
taught and baptized her and he was kinda surprised. He said a lot of
missionaries came to her house and so it's a miracle we got through to
her. But, really, she was the miraculous one. I love Antonia. She will
always hold a special place in my heart because she's the first person
I helped bring into the waters of baptism. Hermana Lewis and Hermana
Duff (we did exchanges) stopped by her house and they needed a
blessing (her and her family). So they had the elders from our ward
come over and give them the priesthood blessing and it was so cool. I
wasn't there for the actual blessing but we went the next day to drop
off something and I could feel the Spirit so strongly in their home.
It was just super peaceful. She took note of that too. We also asked
them how their Book of Mormon reading is going and she showed the
paper we gave her to mark off the chapters and it was so cute how
proud she was of it. It made me so happy. I think it's made me happier
to see her progressing after her baptism more than it made me to see
her progress beforehand. Because it's one thing to be baptized but
it's another to endure and keep following the commandments and doing
everything we need to gain eternal life. I don't know, it's just made
me a lot happier to see how much she has changed since the first time
we met with her.

Speaking of exchanges, this week I got to go with Hermana Hernandez.
Her area covers Roy, West Haven, and Hooper so we were pretty busy
that day. We did a lot of tracting and we actually found a family from
El Salvador. What shocked them was that I spoke Spanish. They were
super impressed and had me say some things and it was funny. We helped
them clean their storage and it was actually fun. They told us we
could come back a different so that was cool. We also met with a
less-active member who lived in Roy. She was super sweet
and offered to give us food and drink and everything. We sat down and
read the scriptures with her. She kept saying how much she admired me
for being "una güerita que habla muy bonito el español" (a white girl
that speaks really good Spanish). Literally, EVERY time I said
something, she would say "wow" or "que bueno". It was super cute. At
the end she asked me when I was going to serve in that area, hahaha.
Yesterday, we ran into Hermana Hernandez and Hermana Duff and they
told me how they met with her yesterday morning and she kept going
on and on about how impressed she was with me and how perfect my
Spanish is and that I sound like una Hispana and how she's very
grateful that my parents taught me Spanish growing up. It was
hilarious. Hermana Duff was like "She really loves you, you left a
good impression on her." So that's kinda cool. :)

Hermana Hernandez and I also got to go to a WATER PARK that evening.
There was a stake activity going on and some people in their branch
told us how they were inviting friends. It was really
interesting to see all the looks we got from people. I think they
thought we were there to swim or something hahaha.

We have zone conference coming up this week and President Jaggi asked
us missionaries to make posters about (1) who we are, (2) how we are
preach my gospel missionaries, and (3) what our visions are for the
rest of our missions. As you can see, my companion and I are
completely different on the creativity front

Last week I mentioned that I was unofficially one of the missionaries
in charge of the next musical fireside. Well, it's actually been made
official and we have a meeting with Sister Jaggi this week. Can't wait
to see how everything gets planned out and done! :)

Thank you all for being so supportive. Here are the rest of the
pictures I took this week. Hope you enjoy!

Love, Hermana Pecjak

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