Wednesday, September 9, 2015

May 4th, MTC week 1

Meek, Humble, Wise

Hello, everybody! This first week as a missionary in the MTC has been AWESOME! I have seriously learned so much and I don't know if I have time to write down EVERY awesome story I have from this week but I am going to try to inform you as much as possible! 

So, my companion is AWESOME!!! She is from Puerto Rico but has been living in Taylorsville for six years. She makes me laugh so much! What I really admire about her is her smile and willingness to never have anything bring her down. So I have learned a lot about that that from her. 

My district is also awesome :) We are like a little familia and it's always fun being in class with them. Our elders are the only elders in our zone this week but last week we had Elders Higuera, Reina, and Reyes. (I'm the only white missionary in the whole zone out of 20 total missionaries)

We basically have class time ALL the time and it's awesome but we always want to just stand up and walk around for a bit instead. Let me explain the subject of this email... We made a discovery on Friday afternoon about our teachers. All their last names are basically traits we should be working on as missionaries but also as disciples of Jesus Christ. We have Brother Meek, Brother Humble, and Brother Savio (which we change to the spanish word for wise which is Sabio). It's really funny! And their names fit the way the way teach us. It's so awesome because before coming to the MTC I thought I was going to be trained on how to be a missionary but instead we have been learning more about just being better followers of Christ so that we could help others do the same. Every day is powerful. We learn so much and sometimes we get sleepy by the afternoon class because we obtain soooo much information that it drains us mentally and physically but also spiritually. But it has also been really fun. The food is amazing!!! So I have been trying to not eat too much of it so I don't gain too much weight haha. Being in the MTC is kind of like being in Disney World. Sunday school, youth conference, and girls camp was like Disneyland. But the MTC takes all of that and it's so awesome. I have also learned to appreciate all the work that Priesthood holders do because they are real leaders.

I'll conclude with something awesome that happened yesterday. They have choir practice on Sundays and Tuesdays and yesterday my companion and I decided to join and we got to sing the hymn "Praise to the Man" with the UVU choir. We started with the men singing the first verse softly and then we ended as a choir singing in this huge volume and with such power. If you don't know the hymn, I suggest you look it up on YouTube so you can just picture and imagine how everyone felt in the auditorium. 

That's all for this week! I love you guys!

- Hermana Pecjak

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