Tuesday, September 15, 2015

September 15th, Week 19


Dear friends and family,

I apologize but this letter might be shorter (probably will be shorter) than most of my other ones. We don't have too much time today since we are needing to pack and get everything ready for transfers.

This week kind of came and went pretty quickly.

Hermana Dickson and I have been both been pretty sick off and on. It's like we took turns feeling ill this past week. We tried to go out though and persevere so that we can show up to our lessons. But all of our lessons with investigators fell through. We ended up spending a lot of time with less actives and recent converts. A lot more than usual. But it is all good because I know I felt the spirit during those lessons and I know they did too. We have been trying to help members invite their friends to a ward activity we will be having soon. We help them by giving them an invitation to it and then having them role play/practice with us how they would invite their friends to come. It's been really successful and we've already seen them think about people they could invite.

And yeah. Then on Friday we had the musical fireside practice and it was good. The songs are really coming along. And now that it's almost here it's very scary because we are cutting it so close. But we are all excited! :) at least I know I am!

So, transfers are this week and the week before transfers is usually pretty long so I'm surprised and pleased that it wasn't as draggy. On Saturday, I received a phone call that I'm training a new missionary! I kind of already knew about it since president has been telling me ever since last transfer. But I didn't want to jinx it so that's why I didn't say much about it. But anyways... So, in mission terms, I will be getting a daughter! :) There are two Spanish sisters coming in and I don't know which one I'll be getting but I'm excited for this opportunity! The other sister that's training as well is MY mom (trainer) Hermana Lewis. So I will be a sister and she will be a grandma and a mom again! Haha, mission posterity... I still don't understand it so if you're confused right now then you're not alone. Anyway... It's kinda weird to be training since I've only been out for four months. President has asked us to speak only Spanish to our new missionary so I know that will be a challenge for me but I'm excited for this grand opportunity!!! :) I hope it'll help me have a little more patience and a lot more confidence. We had a training meeting yesterday with our mission president and the future of the mission is on our shoulders. It's kind of a scary thought at first but I am up for the challenge. I think it helps that I just finished getting trained not too long ago because I already know which tactics can be helpful and which ones can't be. So we will see what happens.

I'm sad to leave Hermana Dickson because she truly has been a great companion. I feel like I've gained a new lifelong friend I never thought I would have. She's an awesome missionary and I'm excited to see what happens with her! She's been a great example to me and I know I am going to apply the things she taught me in the short time we have been together. I love this work and I'm so excited to be a part of it! Change can be hard but it's part of life and I love that the mission teaches us that.

Oh, speaking of which... I will be staying in the Buenaventura Ward BUT will be sharing the Ogden area with the elders!!! I am so excited! It's one of the most dangerous areas in the mission and they haven't had sisters there since the beginning of last year so I am so pumped! The only thing with sharing an area with elders is that we will have to do daily and weekly planning with them. But HEY as long as I get to be in Ogden. Also, our area in Riverdale will be covered by Elders now annnnd Hermana Dickson is going to Roy! :D She is so excited for that as well! I am sad to say goodbye but I know she will be great over there!

I love you all and love all the support and letters I get! :)
Have a great week!!!

-Hermana Pecjak

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