Wednesday, September 9, 2015

September 8th, Week 18

It's A Great Day To Be In The Utah Ogden Mission

Dear Family and friends,

How have y'all been? It's been a good week in the Utah Ogden Mission, even though I've been a little ill.

So let's see what I can recap for this week...

So, we've been doing a lot of finding lately and we haven't seen much success in that. We just feel like the way we've been trying to find hasn't been effective so we have new ideas for this week. Transfers are next week so we will see if I get to stay or leave the area. Yikes!

We had another musical fireside practice and it actually turned out to be a LOT better than the last one. We are really trying to work hard and have everything happen. We only have two or three practices left but we can already see that the Lord is on our side since we basically have two out of three choir songs learned already. Who would've thought that a random group of  70-80 missionaries would be able to pull that off?

Our Ward is known for their parties and they rang true this last weekend. There were three parties!! We only got to go to two of them though because of lessons and such. It was actually a lot of fun. We went to a quinceaƱera on Friday and 4 year old's birthday party on Saturday. It was fun!! We got to talk to the members and get to know them and the friends they brought a lot more. All in all, I love being in the Spanish program.

Yesterday, those of us that are in charge of organizing the musical fireside got to go to the mission home and teach President Jaggi's daughters MacKenzie and Emma the songs for the musical fireside since they're gonna be in it too. They are so talented!!! They learned really fast, we only took a little under an hour doing that so that was fun. :) Sister Jaggi is such a mission mom: she asked each of us before we left if we needed anything like money or food hahaha. She's great, I love her! I love the Jaggis!!! It's like having a family here in the mission. Josh, President's 10-year old son, was showing his Lego stuff and Mackenzie showed us her book. It really feels like they are just our little siblings.

I got to go on exchanges with Hermana Harris this last week. A little background info on her.... She was called as an English missionary, went to the Provo mtc for 12 days, on her last day in the mtc she finds out she's gonna be a Spanish missionary, and she's learning Spanish as she goes along. She's only been out for five weeks and she's learned a lot of Spanish. In a way, I wish I could know about the same amount of Spanish she knows because she knows the simpler Spanish so everyone can understand her. And simplicity is power as a missionary so I wish I could have that. She really has the gift of tongues and that just proves even more to me that Heavenly Father helps us all along the way. Anyway, we were walking the streets of Ogden (I wanted her to have that experience) and we saw Celia (one of the members we recently reactivated) walking home from work with her husband. We ask them if we could have a lesson with them and they agreed. Carlos, her husband, is never there when we do lessons with Celia. But he was there that time! It was so cool. I asked hermana Harris to share her testimony at the end and they were so impressed! Carlos told her she was valiant for learning the language in such a short time! It was awesome :)

The other day, hermana Dickson and I were really thirsty so we stopped by a members house to see if they would give us some water. They told us to come in and sit down and join them for their meal (it's a Hispanic thing). Anyway, Hermana Dickson and I were talking about how we have been wanting to color our hair. Hermana Mercado gave us the name of the lady she goes to and told us she does it for pretty inexpensive prices. We were excited and said "okay we will go to her on P-Day". Wellllll, HermanO Mercado, HermanA Mercado's husband told his wife "well, why can't we just pay for them? They don't have money!" So, we got our hurr did for FREE today. I don't know if I like it yet, it'll take some getting used to... What do y'all think???

Last night we had a zone Family Home Evening and the Jaggis were there. We got to watch the movie "The Best Two Years" and it was so good! It was a celebration for hitting our goal of having 23 baptisms last month. I love that our zone likes to get together if really shows we like to be unified :)

That's about all that happened this week! Hope y'all have a great week! I'll let you know what's going on for transfers next week!

Love you all!!!

Hermana Pecjak

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