Wednesday, September 9, 2015

September 1st, Week 17

Come What May And Love It

When Things Don't Go As planned

Hello, everyone! I hope you've had a great week! Thanks for your responses! In the mission, we do something called feedback, so if you want to let me know what you think of the emails (i.e. How I can improve) please do! Also, if you want to know more about specific things let me know too. I just kinda sit down and type whatever I remember so if any of you have specific questions that'll help me a lot!

This week was very interesting. We had our first musical fireside practice! Woot woot! That was really fun :) but also kinda stressful. We got to teach the choir their song and hopefully we are a little more organized. We had a meeting yesterday and I brought up how we need to be more organized for this week's practice. Elder Wangsgaard and I are the only ones that will be here on our missions still for the firesides next year. So we naturally have already come up with a few ideas. We have plans to do a fireside that revolves around the Plan of Salvation and Missionary work. It's gonna be sweeeeeeet. We are both huge music geeks so we have a lot of ideas already. We basically already have the Christmas fireside figured out too. But that's a whole other bridge to cross... The elders are so sweet though! They bought us sisters ice cream because they said they wanted to help us be less stressed. It was a nice act of kindness and they will be blessed for it.

Also, our apartment flooded! A pipe broke in the wall or something like that. We received a phone call in the middle of the fireside practice so I got excused to leave and we drove all the way back to our apartment which was about 7 miles and then allll the way back. We've been living off of our suitcases ever since. But it's all good, hopefully this week everything will be fixed.

Our district leader got emergency transferred. So we had to say goodbye to Elder Bigham. Elder Melchor (his trainee) was really sad about that but sometimes emergency transfers happen. Our district gained Elder Juarez and he's a bit shy but I think our district will help him come out of his shell a little more. We still have former district members hang out with us on P-Days. This district is the best. We are all best friends. It'll be sad to leave this group one day :(

I never realized how much I appreciate Hermana Dickson until this last week. She really is a great companion. We have great unity. Our communication is super good and we just have a ton of fun together. We have to be in bed by 10:30 but we don't fall asleep until later than that because we end up just talking and talking and losing track of time. That could explain why we both felt crummy on Sunday but now we are fine! So that's good :) I am super grateful for her and her example. I've been lucky to have two obedient companions back-to-back. Hermana Dickson helps me want to be a better missionary every day so I find that to be a good quality. She's just a great example on someone who's obedient, trustworthy, kind, selfless, and caring. I feel like she really cares about me, I never thought her and I would get along since our interests are so opposite but little by little I feel like we are finding things in common and also teaching each other new things to like. For example, she's gotten me into drinking herbal tea every night before bed. And I got her into liking coke and chick-fil-A. One night last week we didn't have dinner so we were hungry when we got home at 9 and so we baked brownies and warmed up some tea. It was pretty cool.

We had this really cool lesson with a guy named Juan. We met him a couple weeks ago but we never found him home. We found him again by contacting someone else in the trailer park and he was like "Hermanas porque no me han visitado?" Like, why haven't you visited me? But we totally did. Haha but anyways we set an appointment and he was there and we had a great lesson. The spirit was super strong. He started crying when he was telling us about his son in jail. He loves his
family more than anything so right now he feels like his family is incomplete with his son being gone. Next time we see him we are going to talk about the Plan of Salvation because we feel that'll help him more. He needs support and he told us he wants us to be his and his wife's friends. He's a really good guy, we are blessed to be working with him. Hopefully he progresses and has the chance to come to church!

We got to go to the temple on Saturday! Last Sunday, we found out a recent convert named Oscar Ramirez was going to the temple for the first time. They invited us to go so we got to go and it was super special. We asked our mission president for permission and he was totally for it. So, we went and I loved it! I love the Ogden temple. I want to get married inside of it haha :) it was super special being inside the temple and seeing a lot of our Ward members there. I felt truly happy seeing them there. The people that I call home. I love this Ward, it's gonna be hard to leave it :(

Last night, we had a family home evening with the DeLeon family, a family that got baptized almost two years ago. They are a super great family :) their kids are 3 years old and 5 years old. They were there the whole time for the lesson and were not even that rowdy. It was a treat to be able to be with them.

We played soccer and bowling with some elders today, it was really fun! :)

Things didn't really go as planned this week but it's all good. We ended up having yet another great week and I can't wait to see what this week has in store for us!
Love you all!

Love, Hermana Pecjak

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