Wednesday, September 9, 2015

June 30th, Week 8

Ándale Pues

I can't believe it has been two months since I have been out already. How crazy is that?! Time has gone by way too fast.. I don't like it. This week has been pretty good. I have learned a lot this week. 

We had a Father's Day Activity for the ward this last Saturday. It was really fun, we had it at a park. Our investigator got to be there and he even brought sodas and chairs for people to sit on. How nice is that? What a gem. But, he told us he is moving :( to Washington Terrace. Which is about five minutes from where he currently lives but we don't cover that area. So, the Elders in our district that cover the area will be teaching him from now on. We also lost our other two investigators on Sunday because they are moving as well. I guess you can say this weekend was rough since we basically lost three of our progressing investigators. It's okay, though. The work goes on. 

We currently have no new investigators so this week we are basically starting from scratch. Yesterday, we did some tracting and we had something really cool happen. We walked to this townhouse/apartment thing. We knocked on the door on the right to see if one of our less-actives was there, just because so we could say hi. Nobody answered so we knocked on the door that was on the left and after the first knock, a guy opened the door. His reaction was, "Whoa... This isn't real." He let us in and explained to us that he had been just talking to one of his neighbors about the possibility of going back to church. But he told his neighbor that he needed a sign that he needed to come back. So, he called us angels because he really believes that Heavenly Father sent us to him. We ended up having a really good talk with him and his friend that was there. They were really nice and now they are really considering coming back to church. How cool is that?? I love that that happened. He kept asking us if someone told us to stop by his house but nobody really did. We just felt like knocking on his door to see if they had water. 

Every Wednesday, my companion and I get to go to the old folks home and play bingo with a recent convert. She doesn't have any visitors except for us and for some people in the ward so she always looks forward to us being there for bingo. I won a round and got to pick a prize for her. She was really happy. :) 

Recent converts love taking us out to lunch and dinner so we know where the best places are to get tacos here in Ogden. We like El Paraiso and Mi Puebla the best. We go to El Paraiso with Gerardo, Hermana Lewis (my mom) and Hermana Orchard's (my dad) recent convert. We got to go last night to Mi Puebla with Celia. If you ever wanna know the best Mexican food here in Ogden, I can lead you the right direction! :)

This week, we get to meet our new mission president. I am excited but anxious. We get to meet his family and everything so that will be fun. 

We got to hold the smallest puppy ever! It's as long as my hand is. I will attach the picture of it. My companion and I love dogs so we always take pictures when we are with them. :) 

Anyways, that's all for this week!

Thanks again for all the support and prayers! If any of you ever need prayers or anything like that, let me know :)

Hermana Pecjak

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